Club Status Report – January 13, 2015

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Changes are coming to the beer club!

Mike Buhler is embarking upon new and exciting activities in the world of beer. He will be taking with him the name “Beerthief.” The official name of the beer club will now be “NL Artisanal & Craft Beer Club”. This sounds like a mouthful but, when you compare the quality of industrial beer to those sourced by the Beer Club, you will find the special beers are indeed great mouthfuls.

Mike will remain as a consultant seeking out and recommending great beer for us. He will remain a member of the Beer Club, so his searches will continue to be based upon self interest in having more great beer brought into Newfoundland Labrador to complement the Seasonal Selections of the Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC).

Mike will remain as a speaker/educator at Beer Club events. He will also continue to maintain the NL Artisanal & Craft Beer Club forum at with ongoing assistance from Adrian Barnes.

Tom Beckett will continue with the administrative aspects of the Beer Club and the interface with the NLC. In doing so, and to fit more snuggly within the corporate policies of the NLC who wish to see the Beer Club continue, Tom will become a beer agent. Small changes, invisible to Beer Club members, will take place in the background, however, there will be no changes to the e-mail distribution of beer offerings and beer tasting events

The beer offerings will change from asking for order commitments to seeking expressions of interest which Tom will share with the NLC to guide them in their ordering. Each beer offering will constitute a one time order to be placed automatically upon the shelves of the NLC stores. As long as Beer Club members respond to the request for expression of interest, there will be sufficient beer for all.

By working with the NLC, Tom will advise you when the product is expected to be placed upon the store shelves similar to how you are currently advised the product has arrived. Since the product will now be available for purchase by the public, you will need to get into the NLC store quickly to purchase your share. Or send a family member or a friend in to purchase what you wish. As well, the Beer Club beer will now be listed on the NLC web site such that you can do a product search to see where additional supplies are available for those beer you particularly enjoy.

No changes are expected in the range and quality of the dynamic tasting sessions being held across the Province.

Beer Label Contest Winner

Jennah Turpin submitted a draft label quite similar to that below which Alex Pearson at Garrison Brewing added the information required by Canadian law:


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